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Why Our Soap is Different

The number of different kinds of soap in the world is downright overwhelming. There are specialty soaps for every type of skin problem imaginable, as well as every scent and shape under the sun. If you want unicorn poop soap, you can buy unicorn poop soap. If you want soap with toys in the middle, you can buy soap with toys in the middle.

At Simple Alchemy Co, we love taking everything back to the basics. Col's recipes are the result of over 10 years of experience. We didn't invent cold process soap making, of course. It's been around since as early as 2800 BC! But most companies don't make soap the way we do anymore. It costs more, and it takes longer. We believe it's worth it.


We use ingredients like olive, coconut, avocado, sunflower, and castor oils. For more on why we use each of these ingredients, feel free to check out our Ingredients page. We choose our supplies carefully, making sure they're ethically sourced and not just good, but great for your skin. A lot of readily available soaps contain palm oil, which is indeed a great filler. The harvesting of it is also demolishing our rainforests. Though it makes our process more costly, we choose to not use any palm oil in our products.

Everything we choose to put in our soap, and to leave out of our soap, is highly intentional. Your health and the health of our planet always come first.



We make our soaps using the cold process method, which utilizes Sodium Hydroxide to saponify the oils. No lye remains once the soap is cured. For more information on that, check out THIS blog post.

In September 2021, we finally made the switch from 12-cavity silicone molds to big loaf molds. We originally stayed away from the loaf method because we lacked the space to allow for proper curing. Now we have a little more room, and we've really been enjoying pouring loaves! Every bar is cured for 4-6 weeks on our drying racks. The result is super gentle, long-lasting soap.



As you might have noticed, we're pretty big fans of simplicity and sustainability. We love packaging which can be recycled, or better yet, thrown into the compost bin! So that's how we package everything. Our packaging is 100% recycled, recyclable, and home compostable.