Nice to meet you!

Bee and Col, co-founders of Simple Alchemy Co.

We're Bee+Col

Our shared passion for sustainability led us to launching Simple Alchemy Co together on August 1st, 2018. At the time, we were living and working in a 400 square foot apartment. Next we lived and worked out of 800 square feet in the forest. In February 2024, we moved to live in community with our friends and their kiddos and dog. We are working out of their large daylight basement, while an addition is being designed. Construction is scheduled to start June 2024!

Col, Co-Founder
Lead Maker

Col has been making biodegradable soap for over a decade. Having very sensitive skin herself, she has honed a scientific expertise and a keen spidey sense for what products will work well for others. She spends many hours formulating and batch testing recipes, making sure every product we release meets our rigorous standards.

Favorite products: Citrus Grove Natural Deodorant, and Peppermint Purely Eco Balm.

Passions include: Music, sustainable building design, and videos of dogs wearing shoes for the frst time.

Bee, Co-Founder
Director of Operations


Bee has been studying how to build earthen homes and recycle everything properly since she was about 11 years old. A highly creative person with a Super Sniffer, she wears a lot of hats for Simple Alchemy Co, including Production Assistant, scent developer, photographer, copywriter, order packer, customer supporter, and social media manager.

Favorite products: Forest Natural DeodorantCharcoal Bar Soap, and Peppermint Purely Eco Balm.

Passions include: Plants, illustration, baking, photography, and talking to animals like they're people.