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This piece is not only functional but we get asked about it all the time. It's a beautiful statement piece and literally and figuratively elevates your sink station and kitchen dish chore duties. Love it.

We don't use this piece as often as the short scrubber but we love it when we do. Perfect for getting into glasses or using in a skillet for a quick wash out between fires.

This is our top scrub brush we use. I have small hands and I feel the most controlled with this brush when scrubbing. I can really work up a lather and get these dishes clean. Love this piece and will order again.

It’s a soap dish lol but it doesn’t move around when I put my scrub brush to it which is nice

My dishes feel so clean after using this dish soap and I absolutely love the smell.
It’s amazing to know I’m not using any harmful chemicals and additives on my dishes/cookware and they’re coming out squeaky clean! So happy to have found y’all on instagram and I definitely will continue to support your business!

Love this scent maybe more than the lavender!

So cute! I love the way it looks on my sink. Well made and solid. Happy with my purchase!

So nice, top quality, and very user-friendly. My daughter saw this on social media.....I knew we needed to try it. So happy I did.

Made the switch from dawn to store brand soap and now to this and I’m definitely not going back. It does a great job and smells amazing. I’ve been using it for two weeks and it still looks like the day I got it. I bake and cook everyday, I’ve even been recipe testing and it hasn’t made a dent in this thing. It also has done a great job of cutting through grease and stains.


This deodorant was literal love at first swipe! I’ve tried EVERY single other natural deodorant on the planet. So I knew the drill when I purchased this stick that my body would probably react super well the first week and then betray all my hopes and dreams by returning to its natural stench. My only goal was to add one more deodorant to my weekly rotation that worked. To my surprise, it’s been a month and I’ve not had to use any of the others on my shelf and I’ve even been able to skip a day of application. 😮 it’s a legit dream. And not to mention that it swipes on smoothly and smells amazing! Col and Bee have got this one dialed.

Great dish! Heavy enough to not slide around and the soap stays put for easy use with a brush or dishcloth. I’ve had mine for more than a year and it’s still in great shape!

This is THE BEST dish soap out there. I’m more of a citrus scent person, but after trying both, I gotta say I’m hooked on this lavender. I am super sensitive to scents and my skin is really fragile. I don’t even need to wear gloves to do dishes with this soap!

This brush works so well with its stiff bristles to clean even the cooked on bits!

I've been using this for a few weeks and absolutely love it! I've also barely made a dent in it, despite a lot of washing! It washes oils and burnt materials off of a variety of surfaces easily, and lasts on the sponge for far longer than the liquid soaps I had been using. Will be ordering again once I make my way through this block!

Love. Love. Love.

Like the title says, I absolutely love this dish soap. It last forever, smells great, and I love that there is no plastic! came packages super nicely. I am hooked for life.

Great little dish!

High quality and works great!

Easy to use and is not greasy. Love the earth friendly applicator too.

Amazing!! Love love love!

I am so happy with my products I ordered! The soap removed grease far much better than I had anticipated. Smells wonderful too! Also the deodorant I ordered is the best I have used and that citrus scent is wonderful!

Great soap dish!

Pricey but WORTH IT. Stylish, my soap lasts longer, no stale water pools

Try it!

I love it!

So happy with our order!

We love our whole set-- the holder, soap, and brush! I am keeping this in mind as a gift in the future for friends. You know you're aging when quality soap is exciting and a great gift. =)

And, I love what you all stand for. Thanks for being you and sharing so openly with your audiences.

Love your products and love you!

Dish soap… amazing!
Deodorant… amazing!
Dish soap block… amazing!
I haven’t tried the body soap yet cause I’m sending that out to my wife who is currently deployed overseas and allergic to everything. But I bet it will be… amazing!
Thank you for what you do! Thank you for who you are! Thank you for being you and sharing your products and talent of making them with us. God bless you both!

Happy customer

Great communication, good products I love doing business with Simple Alchemy.

Love it!

Very solid piece of kitchen sinkware - it doesn't move and holds the soap block very well

A sceptic's musings

-plastic free, no weird ingredients, totally septic safe
- nice smell
- great lather (lots of bubbles very nice experience)
- no residue (seriously!)
- nice to hands. I've noticedy hands are much less dry when using this soap vs dawn
- gets dishes clean! (Even greasy things like animal fat and tomato sauce)
- you need very little on your brush/sponge

-takes a while to ship
-needs a special soap dish

- how long it lasts

I have always loved the ideas of plastic free and eco-friendly soap, but have been frequently dismayed at the performance. I do not have a dishwasher and I'm picky about my dish washing. This soap was completely comparable to dawn, which is the only soap I've used for years. I tested it on burnt pans, oily foods, sticky labels, glass, ceramic, wood and am 100% satisfied. Will be ordering again.